6 mistakes when visiting a Chinese Restaurant

6 common mistakes when visiting a Chinese Restaurant


1) Ordering the things you expect to see in every Restaurant

Customers walk into Chinese restaurants often get disappointed when they get something that is not what they have had in the past. At Phoenix, we want you to feel how we are changing and constantly trying out new things to give you new olfactory feelings that you can say I am 10x more satisfied of this twist to the dish.

2) Ordering one dish each and not sharing

Ordering individual dishes to eat when most asian food is made to share. We get times when you like something and want to eat it all, but all chinese food is created to be ate in a table setting where the centre of the attention is food that is shared (just like the conversations you share during the meal PRICELESS), We challenge you to order food to share (and double down on orders you know are super good and want to make sure there is enough to share it around).

3) Serving yourself first

Serving tea is a sign of respect. Traditionally, one should always start by serving the eldest first. If you are the one serving, you should serve yourself last. We promise if you follow this, you will create greater bonding and respect from people older than you.

4) Forgetting to say thank you (with your fingers)

Tapping your index and middle fingers on the table to show your appreciation is the norm in Southern Chinese cultures. However, nodding and saying thank you is appropriate in any situation. Saying thank you at the dining table is a great way to practise gratitude and bring this to all parts of life.

5) Over ordering rice

Think of rice as a supporting character. It's purpose is to be a balancing, palate-cleansing base in a meal. We believe you will have a much more satisfying meal if you order more main dishes and only eat small quatities of rice to balance the meal.

6) Thinking every Chinese restaurant uses MSG

MSG - Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) exists in all items such as chips, over the counter snacks. It is also in many sauces we buy. There is a misconception that MSG is always in Chinese food and leading cause of allergies and issues. At Phoenix we do not add MSG to items (they may exists in sauces we use as inputs). But the misconception about MSG and only being used in Chinese restaurants is incorrect and we need your help to change this perception in society.